Beeb Ashcroft was first published in GWS magazine, 1997. In 1998 and 1999 she worked as a freelance journalist for the Seaside Signal, and was subsequently offered a position as Leisure editor. (She subsequently had to decline the position due to child labor restrictions, as she was 15 years old at the time.) In 2000, she served on the Editorial Board of Contributors at The Daily Astorian.

Since 2001, she has written for publications such as Sposa Bridal Guide,, The Westerly Sun, The Autograph Report, Scandalized Human Zine,, Asphyxia,, The Great Write Writer’s Guild’s Frenzied Fiction, Mrs. Noggle, and The Feminist Review. She has freelanced for Adchemy, Inc., served as a staff writer for and an editor for NetNacs! Magazine, as well as a staff member for DJ Interview credits include Meryl Streep, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and many more listed here.

Ashcroft began designing and maintaining websites in the 1990s. She created websites professionally for local businesses as well as musicians through 2007, including Happy Beat, Elks Skiffle Group, Reivers Recordings, Oysterville Underground, and Art Cargo. She also has experience in graphic design including CD artwork and inserts; her photography was featured on The Worldly in March 2007.

In 2008, Ashcroft parlayed her experience in print and web design into the social media realm by founding the blog Super Coupon Girl. Currently, she is the owner and editor of multiple lifestyle websites, including Contest Corner, Beeb-Log, Cooking Catastrophe, and Blog My Wedding; she is also the managing editor for and has contributed to Baby to Boomer Lifestyle and Sippy Cup Mom. In addition, Ashcroft coordinates brand outreach to bloggers on a global scale through The International Blogging Network.

She also has experience with TV and radio, appearing on KOIN 6 News for Super Coupon Girl in conjunction with a media event at Safeway headquarters (2012) as well as Simple Kitchen with Missy Maki on KPAM AM 860 for Cooking Catastrophe (2013). Since 2006, Ashcroft has maintained a YouTube channel and frequently creates video content for brands as well as conducting on-camera interviews and webinar presentations.

An experienced travel writer, Ashcroft is frequently on the road for press trips and other media events, including movie set tours, press junkets in Hollywood and New York City, major automotive shows and car launches, FAM trips and other brand immersions; click here for a full list.